Equipment advantages:
(A) plasma cleaning. Internal automated plasma processing apparatus, the film formation can be achieved on the workpiece prior to cleaning and surface activation effect, and so the contact angle after the plasma cleaning in 5-8 °, so that the glass surface of the Si-O bond is more exposed, and film echoed reaction occurs, increase firmness film combination, aging resistance and abrasion ability to improve products and reduce impurities accompanying the workpiece itself, the spray coating of higher quality (standard single head, optional double or linear plasma treatment).

(2) use of imported nano atomization system, completely uniform atomized liquid spray to improve the uniformity of the product, reducing surface friction coefficient of the film, increasing the smoothness of the film surface. (Standard for single head, double and three optional configurations).


(3) self-developed high-precision machine systems for liquid, 0-40ml / min precise control of spray dose, non-contact for liquid medicine does not make a qualitative change (zhengyang patented products, medical-grade accuracy: ± 0.05ml / min).

(4) PLC + HMI control, intuitive and easy to operate;

(5) Imported servo drives + enclosed dust-free slide guide, together with the continuous transmission wheel drive (non-belt type transmission), the plasma system, servo system and the work of highly atomized system, width, etc. can be stepless automatic precision regulation; clean slide ensure that the entire work is running smoothly, low noise, no dust cut secondary pollution; drive wheel clearance over the top FFU formation under circulation area, to prevent the impact of the anti-splash back of the product.

(6) low-power (normal production power of about 2-3KW / H), the use of inexpensive gas (air), no vacuum, low production cost.

设备产能 Equipment capacity
Note: The above production capacity is calculated based on a standard single-head machine according to estimates
(transmission speed 650mm / min for example); specific to the actual production prevail.